Über das Team

Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany)

  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Ludwig

    Project Coordinator

  • Since 2011, Matthias Ludwig has been professor for mathematics education at Goethe University Frankfurt.

  • Deng-Xin Ken Oehler

    Technical Leader

  • Ken Oehler studied bioinformatics at Goethe University Frankfurt. He is leading the technical realization of ASYMPTOTE.

  • Simon Barlovits

    Project Manager

  • Simon Barlovits studied mathematics and politics as a teacher. He leads the project development process of ASYMPTOTE.

  • Dr. Simone Jablonski

    Didactical Support

  • Simone Jablonski studied mathematics and English for the secondary school teaching profession and received her doctorate in 2020.

  • Philipp Larmann

    Didactical Support

  • Philipp Larmann studied mathematics and chemistry as a teacher and is currently working as a research assistant.

Autentek GmbH (Germany)

  • Damian Scheerer

    App Development

  • Marc Hofmann

    Website Development

  • Stanislav Ulyanenkov


  • Ana Franke

    IT Manager

Polytechnic Institute of Porto (Portugal)

  • Amélia Caldeira

    Task Design

  • Ana Moura

    ROSEDA Organiser

University of Bielefeld (Germany)

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Kleine

    Task Design

  • Since 2012, Michael Kleine has been professor for didactics of mathematics at the University of Bielefeld.

  • Samuel Coronado Alvarez

    Task Design

  • Samuel Coronado Alvarez is the international project manager at the institute for didactics of mathematics (IDM) at the University of Bielefeld.

  • Léon Anhalt

    MOOC Conductor

  • Léon Anhalt studied mathematics and biology as a teacher. As a research associate at Bielefeld University, he is involved in the ASYMPTOTE project.

University of Catania (Italy)

  • Prof. Dr. Maria Flavia Mammana

    Scientific Responsible for Italy

  • Maria Flavia Mammana has been teaching Foundations, History and Didactics of Mathematics at the University of Catania since 2007.

  • Dr. Eugenia Taranto

    MOOC Manager

  • Eugenia Taranto is a research fellow at the University of Catania. She holds a PhD in Mathematics and is an expert in the use of technology in mathematics teaching/learning.

University of the Aegean (Greece)

  • Prof. Dr. George Fesakis

    Working Group Coordinator

  • George Fesakis is a Professor in Computer Science and Mathematics Education and Digital Technology in Education and Educational Design.

  • Stamatia Volika

    Research Associate

  • Stamatia Volika, PhD, is a Primary Teacher and a Learning Designer.

  • Despina Koutsomanoli-Filippaki

    MOOC Conductor

  • Despina Koutsomanoli Filippaki is a PhD candidate at the Department of Preschool Education Sciences and Educational Design.

  • Stylianos Triantafyllou

    Teacher Researcher

  • Stelios Triantafyllou, is a Primary Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Didactics of Mathematics and ICT in Education.

  • Nikolaos Tzioufas

    Teacher Researcher

  • Nikolaos Tzioufas is a Mathematics Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Didactics of Mathematics and ICT in Education.

Spanish Federation of Mathematics Teachers Societies (FESPM) (Spain)

  • Claudia Lázaro Del Pozo

    Task Design

  • Claudia Lázaro is a Maths Secondary Teacher since 1991. She also works as an assistant professor in the Master Secondary teacher’s Degree at University of Cantabria.

  • Beatriz Blanco Otano

    Task Translator

  • Beatriz Blanco studied mathematics and statistics at Extremadura University. She is a Maths Secondary teacher and an active member of the Extremadura Math Educational Society.

  • Juan Antonio Espinosa Pulido

    Task Translator

  • Juan Antonio Espinosa is a Maths Secondary Teacher at the IES Santa Catalina de Alejandría, in Jaén (Andalusia)

  • Ana Martín Caraballo

    Task Translator

  • Ana Martín is a professor for Business Mathematics at Pablo de Olavide University of Seville

  • Dr. Álvaro Nolla De Celis

    Task Translator

  • Alvaro Nolla is a Lecturer in Mathematics and its Didactics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

  • Juan Antonio Reyes Delgado

    Task Translator

  • Juan Antonio Reyes studied mathematics and statistics at Seville University. He leads the Andalusian Math Society in Córdoba.