Video Tutorials & Manual

Below is a playlist of video tutorials developed for the ASYMPTOTE MOOC. The videos are provided in English with subtitles in German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. You can activate the subtitles by clicking on the Settings menu (bottom right) and selecting Subtitles and the desired language. You can find the ASYMPTOTE Tutorial Video Playlist below the video. Access it by clicking on the YouTube button.

Furthermore, a manual on how to use the ASYMPTOTE system can be accessed here. It is available in English, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish (depending on the website language).

Lastly, we provide slides for university courses which can be used by all interested lecturers to introduce ASYMPTOTE to their students.

ASYMPTOTE Tutorial Playlist
(YouTube Tutorials, 10/2022)

In this playlist, we explain how to (1) register in the web portal, (2)  create tasks and learning graphs, (3) share them with other users as well as (4) use the Digital Classroom feature and (5) use the ASYMPTOTE app.

Please note: The videos are technically up to date as of October 2022, so unfortunately the video on the Digital Classroom is no longer up to date. To use the Digital Classroom, we therefore refer you to the manual, chapter 3.

(Step-by-step instructions for the ASYMPTOTE system, 02/2023)

In this document, we provide information for users to get familiar with the main features of the ASYMPTOTE system.

ASYMPTOTE Long-Term Curriculum
(Slides for university courses on the ASYMPTOTE system, 02/2023)

The following slides were designed by the ASYMPTOTE consortium for university courses. They were used for courses at Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany), University of Bielefeld (Germany), University of Catania (Italy) and University of the Aegean (Greece).
The slides are offered to enable all interested lecturers to transfer the course to their universities. Please feel free to use them!

Scientific publications can be found on the ASYMPTOTE Research webpage. Within our intellectual output “IO6 – Research & Validation”, we also provide the theoretical framework of the ASYMPTOTE system, on this website, among others.