About the Consortium

The consortium contains seven partners from five different European countries (Germany, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain). All of them will contribute to the project in different ways. We have experts for app programing, task design, intensive study programmes, validation and evaluation, dissemination, and for public relations. The partners are universities, a large teacher association and a company.

Goethe University Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Project Coordination
Web Portal
Intensive Study Programme

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Autentek GmbH

Berlin, Germany

Mobile Application

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Polytechnic Institute of Porto

Porto, Portugal

Generic Task for University Level
ROSEDA Conference

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University of Bielefeld

Bielefeld, Germany

Generic Task for Secondary Level & Handbook

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University of Catania

Catania, Italy

Long-Term Curriculum & MOOC

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University of the Aegean

Rhodes, Greece

Research & Validation

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Santander, Spain

Teacher Training

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Associated Partners

Partners from Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal & Spain

The Associated Partners

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