ASYMPTOTE [Adaptive Synchronous Mathematics Learning Paths for Online Teaching in Europe] tiene como objetivo el desarrollo de una herramienta para la realización de educación matemática sincrónica online y a distancia.


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ROSEDA Conference

The Research On STEM Education in the Digital Age (ROSEDA) Conference will take place neyt week! It is hosted by at the School of Engineering (ISEP), Polytechnic of Porto. Invited are all members of ...

Presenting ASYMPTOTE at 5th Tomorrow Summit

On November 10th and 11th, ASYMPTOTE and MathCityMap were presented at the 5th Tomorrow Summit event in Porto. Both projects projects were presented by the ISEP team in this event as innovative ideas ...

The Tutorial Page

Finally it is here, the ASYMPTOTE Tutorial Page! Here you will find all the important information about (1) how to use ASYMPTOTE and (2) what theoretical considerations we follow during the ...

The New Main Page

Dear users, we are very proud to welcome you to our brand new ASYMPTOTE main page. On the website you will find all information about the ASYMPTOTE Strategic Partnership, the link to the ASYMPTOTE web ...

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