About the Annual Meeting II

The ASYMPTOTE annual meeting from April 28-30 was hosted by the University of Catania. The meeting was held in Catania on the island Sicilia.

On October 28, we met at 5:00 pm for the opening session. Each partner presented the current state of the art and the work done so far on the corresponding results.

Friday, April 29, was a full working day, including three major work phases. In the first working session, the technical developments of the project were tested. Firstly, new features of the web portal were introduced (IO1). In particular, we focussed hereby on the new workflow for creation an ASYMPTOTE learning graph. After all participants developed their own learning graphs, they downloaded them to the ASYMPTOTE app (IO2). Finally, after approx. one year of development, we happily announce the ASYMPTOTE app to be available as beta-version for IOs and Android devices!

In the two other work phases on April 29 and the work session on April 30, the ASYMPTOTE team worked in output-related subgroups:

  • The technical group (IO1&2) discussed the further development of the ASYMPTOTE Digital Classroom to enable a long-term use and long-term analysis in line with the GPDR standards.
  • The working group focused on IO3&4 developed a concept for the ASYMPTOTE handbook explaining teachers and students how to use ASYMPTOTE. In addition, the working group agreed on the next steps for task review and task translation.
  • The working group on IO5&6 planned the MOOC in more detail. Additionally, from a scientific point of view, we agreed on a questionnaire for the MOOC evaluation and discussed upcoming research projects.

Moreover, we gave an outlook on the upcoming events of the ASYMPTOTE project: An Intensive Study Programme for students from our partner institutions will be held in Frankfurt from September 02-12. An international Teacher Training will take place in Granada from October 06-09. The project will by finished within a scientific conference in Porto (to be scheduled).

The meeting was concluded with a session where the results of the group work sessions were presented and discussed.

We thank all partners for their cooperation in the meeting and especially our Italian partners for the perfect organization of the meeting!