About the Final Meeting

During the final meeting from February 21-23, we worked on the final touches of the ASYMPTOTE project! The meeting was hosted by the Politechnical Institute in Porto, Portugal.

Beforehand the meeting, each IO leader prepared a presentation summarizing the main results of the intellectual output. These were presented, discussed and revised during the meeting. The presentations will be available on the Erasmus+ project results platform in a few weeks.

In addition, we completed the slides for the ASYMPTOTE manual. A lot of translation work was also done: The handbook slides, tasks and learning charts, and the ASYMPTOTE main page were translated so that they are available in all partner languages.

From a technical perspective, the Goethe University and Autentek teams presented the new Digital Classroom to the partners. During the meeting, an extensive testing phase was conducted.

We thank all partners for their cooperation in the meeting and especially our Portuguese partners for the perfect organization of the meeting!