About the Kick-Off Meeting

On Tuesday, 13th April, the ASYMPTOTE project has been officially started at 14:00! After getting to know each other, the team of Goethe University Frankfurt gave a brief overview about the project idea and the ASYMPTOTE project application in the Key Action KA226. Furthermore, the general structure of the project, including transnational meetings and multiplier events, was presented.

The MathCityMap@home can be seen as the prototype for the ASYMPTOTE project. To become familiar with the MathCityMap@home concept, the participants worked on a digital learning path using the MathCityMap app. Then, each IO leader presented the upcoming work in the related intellectual output.

In a subsequent working phase, we started the conceptual work for the IOs in three working groups: the first working group set up a plan for the technical development of the ASYMPTOTE web portal and the ASYMPTOTE app (IO 1&2). The second working group identified suitable topics for starting the creation of generic tasks and formulated requirements for tasks from a practical and didactical perspective (IO 3&4). The third working group focused on the planning of the long-term curriculum and the MOOC and, in addition, aimed to develop a theoretical background for research on the ASYMPTOTE system (IO 5&6). The first day of the meeting was concluded by a social event at 21:00.

On Wednesday, 9:00, we continued the group work. Afterwards, the results of the group work were presented by the IO leaders in a plenary session. After a live demonstration of how MathCityMap@home tasks and learning paths can be transferred from MathCityMap to ASYMPTOTE, the kick-off meeting ended at 12:30.