The Tutorial Page

Finally it is here, the ASYMPTOTE Tutorial Page! Here you will find all the important information about (1) how to use ASYMPTOTE and (2) what theoretical considerations we follow during the development process of the system.

(1) By a Video Playlist, we present how teachers can select or create learning content, i.e. tasks and learning graphs. Also, the function of the Digital Classroom to monitor students’ working process is explained. From a student’s perspective, the use of the ASYMPTOTE app is presented here. To view all video tutorials, please visit the tutorial website or click here to be directed to our YouTube playlist! In the future, these videos will be supplemented by a PDF manual.

(2) The Theoretical Framework introduces ASYMPTOTE and explores its potential implementations in Mathematics Education. It involves pedagogy models, online teaching strategies and design principles that were used to define ASYMPTOTE’s pedagogical model.

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