The Research Page

Are you interested in the research on ASYMPTOTE? On the brand new ASYMPTOTE Research Page we store journal articles and conference papers on our project! The proceedings of the ROSEDA Conference will be available on the research page in Spring 2023.

Moreover, we provide the following documents there:

(1) In the Theoretical Framework, we refer to the literature on online and mobile learning to set up criteria for the theory-driven design of the ASYMPTOTE system. Further, we present ASYMPTOTE’s pedagogical model in this document.

(2+3) We provide two Survey Instruments for the pedagogical evaluation of the ASYMPTOTE system, which were applied in the Long-Term Curriculum and MOOC.

(4) In a Research Report, an evaluation of the ASYMPTOTE system is presented. It is based on the user experiences of 28 (student) teachers who participated in ASYMPTOTE training programmes.

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