Update: The Tutorial Page

On the ASYMPTOTE Tutorial Page, you not only find a Video Playlist on how to use our system. We further provide Manual and Long-Term-Curriculum slides there, as described below:

(1) By a Video Playlist, we present how teachers can select or create learning content, i.e. tasks and learning graphs. Also, the function of the Digital Classroom to monitor students’ working process is explained. From a student’s perspective, the use of the ASYMPTOTE app is presented here. To view all video tutorials, please visit the tutorial website or click here to be directed to our YouTube playlist! In the future, these videos will be supplemented by a PDF manual.

(2) The Manual aims to provide guidance for all features of the ASYMPTOTE web portal and app to teachers who want to use the system. Due to step-by-step explanations, it can support new users from the very beginning of their ASYMPTOTE experience. On the other hand, it also includes information on the handling of “functions for more experienced users”. Further, we present best practice examples for task and learning graph creation. The manual is available in all partners’ languages.

(3) In view of university lecturers, we provide the ASYMPTOTE Long-Term Curriculum slides on our website. Thus, lecturers can easily hold a well-designed and tested university course on online teaching within ASYMPTOTE at their university.

Editorial note: The Theoretical Framework in which we setup ASYMPTOTE’s pedagogical model, was also presented on this page. Since we now offer a Research Page, it is moved to this site.

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